Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chapter 58--612 words.

Chapter 59--542 words.

Chapter 60--1,194 words.

So, the total for today: 2,348 words today.  From about 5:15 pm to about 11:30 pm, with about an hour and a half off for dinner and a couple of other minor things.

Why more today during the workweek?

--I was more awake, though I was exhausted.  (I can't explain this.)

--I kept making small rewards for myself.  Like, I couldn't open my most recent T206s until I finished these three chapters.

--These were the last three chapters before the big explosive denouement chapter, plus the wrap-up chapters.

--I'm about four or five total chapters from typing THE END.

--The Red Sox suck right now.  Painfully.

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