Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Good to Be Back

It's been a long time...

Let's see.  I'm going to combine the totals of my writing of the past couple days. Consider them an accumulation of daily entries here over the past few days that I didn't press PUBLISH for.

617 words today for a blog entry I've staggered until a few days.  600 more for one written and published a day or two ago.  I forgot if I was counting blog entries or not.

1,446 for a piece I hope to finish in a couple of days and sell to a local publication.  I'm typing out the second part now, so...

Okay, 698 words.  Not bad.

So, over the past 2-3 days, about 3,361 words.

And I found all of the fragments--ranging from a page or two, to about 75 or 80 pages--of my next novel-in-progress, written in spurts over the years.  I printed all of it out, and it took an entire ream of paper, and much of a printer cartridge.  Overall, over 100,000 words.  That's the one I think I've got a trilogy-amount of.

I'm going to try to outline all of that stuff.  Outlines will definitely count here.  And Part 3 will conclude the piece I'm writing, so that'll get done tomorrow, hopefully, and I'll send that out.

It's good to be back.