Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week Ending Sunday April 5, 2015

With Wednesday's production and bits throughout the week, I'll approximate my total word count as 2,500 for the week.

Not great, but minorly productive, and better than last week.  Baby steps.

I've also borrowed the weekly schedule from The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen.  I like how the upcoming week is scheduled out.  Not set in stone, but organized.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and long weekend.


  1. Hi there

    Sorry for delay, the holiday weekend has me all screwed up.

    Okay, MK 3 Synopsis completed for now - 6,200
    I still need to write the rest of the book but it was getting complicated.
    Finished Kryos 2 outline - 2,000

    No queries this week, a few emails - 250
    Work on MK 3 while doing synopsis - 1,112

    Total for week - 9,562

    I suspect this week will be a lot lower due to school and diving into an ending for MK3 that makes sense.

  2. Hey, Suzanne--9,500 words is still a helluva good output. Your consistency is admirable. You're helping me go in the right direction! This weekend: writing and doing the day job to feed The Man. But I'll be catchin' up on ya!