Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week Ending Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chapter 53.

949 words.

More to come today, but it's 2:41 a.m., so I should probably sleep.

...Okay, did that.

Chapter 54.

2,105 words.

So over 3,000 for this day so far.

I hope to finish Chapter 55 tonight.

So exhausted I'm making silly mistakes and the words aren't coming like they do.  I even made some saving errors, which is really bad.  But...

For the week (drumroll, please):

Chapter 49 = 689 words.

Chapter 50 = 372 words.

Chapter 51 = 3,002 words.

Chapter 52 = 803 words.

Query letters = 224 words.

Chapter 53 = 949 words.

Chapter 54 = 2,105 words.

Chapter 55 = 396 words.

Chapter 56 = 509 words.

Chapter 57 = 79 words.

9,128 words!  YES!!!  I can't tell you how great this feels.  And it even felt great doing it.

And now vacation ends.  I really, really hope I can produce even half this much during a workweek.


  1. Wow, that is a fantastic week!
    My numbers for the week are 9, 157 on MK3, I am not going to include any query or blurb numbers.

    I really hope to pick it back up, I am so happy to be making progress on MK3 after so many months of floundering around.

    Right now it is at 72, 384 and I hope to have it finished in about 11 days or so.

    1. Wow! You got me by 29 words! Are you kidding me?!? But this shows us how strong we can be, and maybe how much we're motivated by this. If I can't go over your score this week, I don't know if I ever can...but that doesn't matter. At 9,000 words a week, I can finish a novel manuscript in 2 1/2 months! And that's all that matters. Congrats to both of us!!!

      Best of luck with your manuscript. I hope you finish it like you said--in 11 days.