Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2,166 words.  Done with Chapter 25, one of the longest in the WIP.  Made a couple of important decisions, split up a huge chapter from the previous draft.  Will create a new chapter tomorrow, then Chapter 27 will be the second half of what had been Chapter 25 in the previous draft.  Nobody likes really long chapters. 

Chapter 25 is a little longer than most in the WIP, but much of it's dialogue, and it was really important to set up a bond, no matter how minor, between the main character and a minor one.  This was a glaring omission from previous drafts.  Before, saving her had been just something he needed to do.  Now, her character's got more of a connection with him, which makes you care more for her character, which makes you want her to be saved, which makes his race to save her even more tense.

All in theory, of course.

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