Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015

Spent 7 hours editing, re-editing, and partially re-writing a short story.  But I turned an okay one into a really good one, I think, with a much better Voice and flow.  I'd always been a bit disappointed in this one, and now I'm not.

3,350 words, at first.

Then, 3,240 words.

Finally, 2,690 words.

When you take out that many words, but still show and say the same thing, it's got to be better.

Since the ultimate goal here is to produce marketable writing, I'll make a guesstimate about the number of new words for today, and then send out the story.

I'll say...half of the final total.

So...1,345 words.

I hope to announce, soon, on another blog,, that this story has sold somewhere.  Wish it luck!

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